What To Give Mom for Mother's day....SLEEP

Instead of spending money on a Mother's Day present this year, maybe you could just smash mom's alarm clock with a baseball bat instead?

According to a new survey, the number one thing moms say they want for Mother's Day is . . . SLEEP.

37% say they'd love a good night of sleep, and 26% say they want a day off from parenting to relax. A "nice dinner date" came in a distant third, with 13% of the vote.

And there's a reason moms want a good night's sleep . . . a lot of them NEVER get one. 31% of mothers say they can't remember the last time they got eight hours of sleep, and only 27% say they get that much on a nightly basis.

Three out of four moms say they feel tired ALL the time. 

(Sleep Zoo)

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