Reese Witherspoon Raids Dolly Parton's Closet On First 'Shine On' Episode


That's a whole lot of glitter! 

Reese Witherspoon raided country music legend Dolly Parton's closet on the first episode of her new show Shine On with Reese. The 42-year-old actress was granted access to peek at Dolly's most memorable - and sparkly! - stage looks from her decades long career. It's obvious Reese was very impressed by Dolly's wardrobe - her draw literally drops when she's greeted with the extravagant costumes. 

“Which one do you want to wear?” Dolly asked Reese, who is living out every country music fan's dreams TBH. After Reese was handed a bedazzled jacket, though, some of the sparkles dropped to floor. Dolly assured Reese that it was okay and happened often. She joked that her crew called the loose sparkles "Dolly Droppings." LOL!

“I’ve always imagined Dolly Parton’s closet opens and sequins come flying out,” Reese joked. Dreams do come true, people! 


Dolly also spoke about her admiration for the late Whitney Houston during her appearance Reese's show, as well. She revealed that the first time she felt like she made it as a song writer was when she heard "I Will Always Love You" playing on the radio. Dolly felt like her “heart was gonna bust” the moment the song came on. “I had to pull over lest I should wreck. It was the most overwhelming feeling I’ve ever had.”

Dolly, of course, wrote and recorded the original version of hit song back in 1973. It was released as part of her album Jolene a year later. It was written in tribute to her partner of seven years, Porter Wagoner, who Dolly left to pursue a solo career. Hearing Whitney's take on the track was a precious moment for Dolly. “She took [the song] to so many levels,” Dolly told Reese. “To think that my little song — my little heartfelt, heartbreaking song — could be that big, I felt that I had arrived as a writer.”

A slew of other powerful women will appear on Shine On With Reese, including Pink, America Ferrera, and Ava DuVernay. Can't wait to see what these amazing women have to chat out about with Reese, but they probably don't own nearly as much sequin as Dolly Parton. 


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