Girl Accidentally Gives Her Dad Herpes, Causes Her Mother To Divorce Him

Kids are always causing their parents grief, no matter what age they are, but what one girl did to her dad caused her entire family to break apart. She wrote on Reddit about how a last-minute decision to go to a party during the holidays ended up causing her parents to get divorced. The girl, who is in college, revealed in her post that growing up she was "very shy" but after heading to school began to "experiment a little." She confessed, "I continued to be somewhat promiscuous and a one night stand turned into be me getting herpes. Awful, but the medication I take now really suppresses my symptoms and makes it very unlikely to pass it to others. Apparently not."

As a junior, she returned to her parents for Christmas break. She explained:

"A boy I had a crush on in high school was going to be at a party I was going to. I was given somewhat late notice and only had a couple hours to get ready. I figure who knows what’s going to happen, but I'll give all my areas a good touch up. I realize I don't have any razors at home so I use a disposable one of my father's. [...] I'm rushing and I cut myself a little. I go to the party, we don't hook up, no big deal."

However, there was another thing that was a big deal. A couple months later, her mom called the girl and told her that she is leaving her dad because he cheated on her. The girl then Facetimed her father, describing that chat in her post by saying, "He answers and his face is covered in a rash. He's telling me he has herpes, but he never cheated and has no idea how this happened. We talk for awhile and I'm confused and mad and don’t know what to believe."

Even though some experts say passing herpes through anything other than skin to skin contact is unlikely, the girl is pretty sure she is responsible for her dad's case of the STD. Her parents are now living separately and she is afraid to say anything about how she might've been the cause of it all because her parents don't even know she is sexually active and would be incredibly disappointed to hear that she is, and more so when they hear she has herpes.

Keep an eye on the comments here to see if the original poster gives an update.

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