The Top TikTok Food Trends of 2022

The top food trend on TikTok this year was "cloud bread". The simple version is just three ingredients: eggs, cream cheese, and cream of tartar. I'm making some this weekend! A new report found that videos about it racked up a collective 3.4 BILLION views in 2022. Here are TikTok's top ten food trends of the year...


1.  Cloud bread, 3.4 billion views.


2.  Baked oats, 1.3 billion.


3.  Charcuterie boards, 1.2 billion.


4.  Pasta chips, 1.1 billion.


5.  Mug cake, 1 billion views.


6.  Birria tacos, 922 million.


7.  Pink sauce, 600 million.


8.  Cinnamon rolls, 597 million.


9.  Nacho tables, 415 million. Just cover a whole table in nachos, then feast.


10.  Butter boards, 358 million views. 


(Food & Wine)

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