This Painting Bought At A Thrift Store Found To Be Famous, Long-Lost Art

This might be the best example of never truly knowing what you stumble upon at a thrift store because a woman in New Hampshire just earned $191,000 for a painting she bought for $4!

The painting was actually called Ramona and is one of four paintings created by Pennsylvania-based artist N.C. Wyeth for a 1939 edition of the 1884 book Ramona. The painting depicts an orphaned young woman in conflict with her foster mother.

The auction house that helped sell the painting said it was considered long-lost by Wyeth experts, but it turned up in the possession of the New Hampshire woman as she was looking for wall decorations at her local thrift store.

Apparently the woman found out the painting's true identity after she posted a photo of it on Facebook and was urged to contact curators at her local museum to appraise the piece. You can see what the painting looks like below, but something tells me a lot more people are going to be scooping up paintings at their local thrift store after this!

Getty Images

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