Chris Stapleton's Daughter Scolded Him for a Bad Songwriting Habit

Chris Stapleton put out his fifth studio album "Higher" last week. But it sounds like he could have had more than five by now . . .

He talked about his songwriting process in a new interview, and how his daughter Ava recently SCOLDED him for a bad habit. She just turned 13 this month, and she's gotten into songwriting a little bit.

Chris said he's lost a lot of half-written songs, because he'd come up with something . . . not record it . . . and forget it the next day. His philosophy was if he couldn't remember, then it wasn't that good. But Ava thought that was dumb.

She told him to ALWAYS record on his phone, because he might come back to it one day and think, "Oh, that was cool." So he took her advice and doesn't let himself lose songs anymore. 

It came up because of the song "What Am I Gonna Do" off his new album. He wrote it with Miranda Lambert years ago but didn't have a copy and could only remember half. So he called her, and she dug it up. Otherwise, it could have been just another lost song. 


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