Here Are Surprising Facts about "Love Actually" for Its 20th Anniversary

"Love Actually" turned 20 this month. In recognition of this milestone, put together a list of facts that might surprise you. 


Here are 10:


1. The London airport footage was shot using hidden cameras for a week. When something special was caught on camera, a crew member had to get people to sign a waiver to be in the movie.


2. Four love stories were cut . . . two in the scripting phase and two in post-production. They included a female school principal and her female partner, and an African couple supporting each other through a famine.


3.  Bill Nighy didn't know he was auditioning.  He thought he was just reading the script to help the casting director hear it out loud, but they gave him the part.


4. The actors had their own trailer park village during filming.


5.  Emma Thompson shot her crying scene 12 times.


6.  Hugh Grant did NOT want to shoot his dancing scene.


7.  Rowan Atkinson's character was originally going to be an angel.


8.  Andrew Lincoln did the handwriting on the signs he holds up.


9. It got a SORT OF sequel in 2017 for Red Nose Day called "Red Nose Day Actually". Sadly Emma wasn't included because of the passing of Alan Rickman.


10.  Simon Pegg auditioned for Atkinson's character.



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