Is It Possible to Overeat on Thanksgiving and Explode Your Stomach?

The average person will eat over 3,000 calories on Thanksgiving. So you might FEEL like this could happen. But could it really? Is it possible to eat so much on Thanksgiving, your stomach EXPLODES?

Someone asked an expert. And the answer is YES. It's technically possible, but very unlikely.

The medical term is a gastrointestinal perforation, and it does happen. But usually not just from overeating. More common reasons are ingesting a corrosive chemical, or swallowing something sharp.

Just eating too much food COULD cause a burst, but probably not. The walls of your stomach are pretty thick, and our body has natural safeguards to prevent it. Namely, PUKING.

If you eat too much for your stomach to handle, you're much more likely to feel extremely nauseous and just throw it back up.

So, bloating, heartburn, and indigestion and good reasons to reign yourself in this Thursday. But an exploded stomach isn't really something you need to worry about.



(NY Post / WaPo)

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