A Good Chunk Of People Admit They'll Double-Dip At Sunday's Football Party

Beware double-dippers on Sunday…

Is there anything worse than a double-dipper at a party? Apparently not. A survey found that double-dipping is the number one food foul. 44% of respondents called it the biggest food atrocity, followed by:

  • Putting ketchup on pasta (35%)
  • A well-done steak (32%)
  • Using a fork and knife to eat a pizza (21%)
  • Using a spoon to eat ice cream out of a cone (19%).

Even though people hate double-dipping, 31% admit to doing it at a party.

69% say double-dipping is only OK at home but NOT in a social setting.

It seems Texans are the worst double-dipping offenders – followed by people in New York, Washington, North Carolina, and Alabama.


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