A Korean Gamer Live Streamed Setting His Crotch On Fire After Losing Bet

#MoronMonday The Youtube generation will do anything for some likes... including setting their manhood a blaze, causing 2nd degree burns!

Clout (or online love) seems to be the newest generations currency. They grew up with social media and many define their value on likes and comments these days. Shin Tae Il is proof of that after sustaining 2nd degree burns on his crotch after losing a bet with fans.

Known as "the Angry Korean Gamer", Tae II played a game called "Fall Guys" and let his fans pick the punishment if he didn't come in first place. They chose the most painful and highly dangerous dare, of course.

After losing the game, Tae back up from the camera, puts a flammable substance on his white boxers and lights it on fire for the virtual world to see! It didn't go well, as you could assume. He suffered horrible burns to his legs and genital areas that are going to take a long time to heal.

The Angry Korean Gamer regularly does things to himself, on request of fans, when he loses games.

In case you where wondering if he'd ever be able to have kids after this.... Let's be real, he's a gamer. That wasn't gonna happen anyway!

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