Big Ten Cancels Football Season

(photo: Getty Images)

(photo: Getty Images)

A major move for one the biggest college football conferences could start a domino effect for other conferences.

According to NBC Sports, The Big Ten conference just voted 12-2 to cancel the entire 2020 Football season this fall. It's still up for debate if they play in spring 2021, but nothing has been decided on that yet. The official announcement is expected to be made tomorrow.

Out of the 14 universities in the conference, only Nebraska and Iowa voted to play the season. Many of the other conferences are meeting and discussing what they're season looks like or if they will cancel too. The SEC, ACC, Pac-12 and Big 12 have not made a decision to cancel just yet, but this could start that ball rolling. An unofficial reports by Dan Patrick said the Pac-12 is throwing in the towel as well, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

The NFL has made it clear that they plan on playing this season with many precautions in affect. So far the NBA and MLB have been able to play part of their seasons with a few minor issues with COVID.

I will lose my mind if we have no football in the fall! I may resort to putting a helmet on and smashing my head on a wall while drinking beer, if it all gets cancelled. I live for Football!

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