Morgan Gets Lymphatic Massage & Starting To Smell Again After 3 Years

Morgan has not been able to smell for three years since she had COVID. So, she took a woman’s offer that said she could get a massage that would hit the right nerves and possibly bring back her smell.  

It turned out she needed a full body massage, that took an hour and a half. It was a lymphatic and fascia massage. She explained that the lymphatic system connects to everything and hopefully the massage will be able to get whatever is blocking her sense of smell. It was at the women's house, and she did multiple techniques with sesame oil which penetrates the skin a lot better to help with the lymphatic system.

When she first left, she didn’t feel any different, but then when she went to mow her yard, she got a whiff of grass. Then when Lunchbox was eating a banana next to her she was able to smell it. It’s not fully back, but it’s helped, and her nose does not feel numb anymore. She is going to go back to see if it continues to help. People have also mentioned getting acupuncture on her face may help, so she’s hoping the massage got her to a step that she can now get work done that will continue fixing her nose. The massage cost $150, and Bobby Bones told her he’d pay for it, but the rest was on her.

The lady was also able to fix a previously injured toe problem Morgan had because she is good at finding the different energies and pressure points to relieve pain in the body. She will update us on the next visit.

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